Agencies from around the world

6 décembre 2010
par Hugo

From the WPP Group website, I have selected some of the funkiest and strangest advertising agencies from around the world. My comments are most of the time based on the way they describe themselves. In other words, their philosophy (sometimes it’s strange).

10AM (Singapore)

Based in Singapore, 10AM says that if you are a client and if you want to talk to a human being working at the agency, you must wait till 10AM. As they report on their web site « You’ll most likely find us behind our desk at 10AM ».

1861 United (Milan)

After reviewing their work, we can conclude that there’s a lot of talent in 1861 United. Their work is impressive. The agency is located in Milan says that the only drug allowed in-house is coffee, but they « keep sniffing air ». Moreover, even if the coffee is free, it seems like working at 1861 isn’t an easy job : « Ideas fight each others in a pool of blood and sweat ». Good luck.

Aqua Online (South Africa)

Just take a look at their website. As you navigate, there’s always a video clip that interrupts your navigation for 2 seconds. New way of making website I guess. Web 2.5.

Baste 141 (Asia)

It’s me or the video clip posted on the home page is a concentrate of anything ?

Alche Media (Seoul)

Pretty much clear to figure out where the agency is located.

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